For over 40 years

We have been building quality yachts

About Babro Yachting

Babro Yachting started building luxury steel motor yachts more than 40 years ago, and its passion and attention to quality has certainly not diminished. Because let's face it; buying a yacht is a bit different from visiting the bakery for a loaf of bread.

The ultimate challenge

Your dream into reality

From a renowned shipyard, you can expect not only to be listened to carefully and agreements to be met in detail, but above all to have your dream turned into reality. That is the ultimate challenge for our team. In every discipline, they take care of your yacht as if it were their own, leaving no room for margins, let alone concessions.

The name Babro is a combination of the names Bakker and Brons; former inland skipper Kor Bakker (Brons is his wife's surname) took over a marina in Jirnsum in the early 1980s and, based on his extensive experience as an inland skipper, started building steel luxury motor yachts.

In the hands of the current owner

More than ten years later, he sold the company to a successor, after which, in 1997, it passed into the hands of current owner Harm van der Wal, who also happened to be an inland skipper. Van der Wal gradually decided it was enough to spend another 3,000 hours a year at the wheelhouse.

A year later, he sold the 85-metre barge to concentrate fully on a fine series of Babro yachts. The designs prove so successful that production soon quadruples to 12 yachts a year. In 2016, Babro Yachting moves from Jirnsum to industrial estate 't Ges in Sneek; the epicentre of Dutch steel construction.

Also repair, refit and painting

The ever-expanding Babro fleet reinforces the need for additional services to fully relieve the clientele; it results in the establishment of the disciplines of repair, refit and painting. At the same time, demand for used Babro yachts and the possibility of renting a yacht is growing. The latter discipline takes place under the name FNMA Charters.

In addition to the existing and still successful lines 'Babro Classic' and 'Babro Newline', a completely new type of Babro motor yacht will see the light of day in 2022: the Babro Tridente 43. A multi-niche built yacht. For now, the yard is supplying this model in three different lengths including the 43. The new Tridente lives up to Babro Yachting's tried-and-tested company philosophy: 'Generous is our standard'. This means that this yacht is particularly richly equipped as standard.