Refit for Babro Yachts

Professionally performed refits

Even if your yacht was built at the time entirely according to your specific wishes, over time the desire may arise to update the technology or adapt the layout to changed use; perhaps the children have not sailed with you for a long time, or the arrival of a grandchild is reason to create extra sleeping capacity.

It is often thought that such a refit never pays for itself, but this is based on a common misunderstanding; a professionally executed refit translates into a significantly higher residual value when sold, because a contemporary good yacht is simply more interesting than a ship with a dated interior or very outdated technology.

New techniques and materials

Even if you are still satisfied with your proud possession, a refit, complete or otherwise, can undoubtedly take your sailing pleasure to an even higher level. After all, improved or new techniques and materials have made sailing even easier. Think for instance of proportional bow or stern thrusters, quieter and more compact engines, dimmable LED lighting, insulating glass and last but not least: much improved navigation equipment with touch screens. Is your vessel not yet equipped with a black water tank? If so, we will take care of that right away so that your Babro also complies with the stricter environmental requirements.

But of course it is not just about technical modifications or improvements. Who knows, you may have grown tired of the combination of teak and dark upholstery; with a light interior, you imagine yourself in a completely new ship, ready for perhaps even completely new cruising grounds.

Our shipyard

Even if your boat was built at the time entirely to your specific requirements, over time the desire may arise to update the technology or adapt the layout to changed use

There comes a time when a yacht must be completely refitted -from hull to superstructure. This is a downright critical process that can only be successfully accomplished if the necessary conditions are met.

A yacht consists of hundreds if not thousands of parts and some of them are high-maintenance and or have a limited lifespan.