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Proven used yachts for sale by Babro Yachting

Tridente 44 OC Signature

Dimensions: 13.3 m x 4.6 m x 1.2 m
Construction year: 2024
Price: € 795,000.00
Ready for departure

Indistinguishable from new

If properly maintained, the lifespan of a well-built Babro motor yacht is virtually unlimited. Sometimes a second-hand yacht cannot even be distinguished from new and after the usual thorough inspection and maintenance it is ready to go. Ready for immediate departure and which the new owner will enjoy as much as the first proud owner did for many years.

Babro owners are incredibly loyal to their ship and often opt for a complete refit rather than buying a new Babro. As a result, supply is sometimes limited. This is exacerbated by the desire of new water sports enthusiasts to have a beautiful vessel immediately. Fortunately, there is supply. On the website you can see which Babro yachts are currently 'Ready to go' available.