Summum of comfort and boating pleasure

Babro Classic Line

Babro motor yachts blur boundaries between series built and custom built

Bow and stern thruster
4 berths
6-8 people

The Babro Classic Line consists of multihull motor yachts with very good sailing characteristics. They are therefore ideally suited for somewhat rougher water. The space, luxury and freedom of movement breathe an atmosphere of relaxation and ultimate comfort. All necessary amenities are on board. This makes an extended stay on the water with the Babro Classic Line a pleasure. The Babro Classic is available in the 1150XL, 1260, 1400 and 1500 types.

Babro Classic 1150 XL

Length: 11,80 meter
Width: 4.00 meter
Depth: 1.10 meter

Babro Classic 1260

Length: 12.60 meter
Width: 4.35 meter
Depth: 1.10 meter

Babro Classic 1400

Length: 14,00 meter
Width: 4.60 meter
Depth: 1.15 meter

Our other models


The Tridente 44 OC is the first member of a new generation of Babro motor yachts alongside the familiar Classic Line and New Line.

The NewLine 1290 is the middle of Babro Yachting's three Newline models and a typical example of classic Dutch steel construction with a distinctly contemporary flair.