Repairs and maintenance for your boat

Repair department with certified mechanics

A yacht consists of hundreds if not thousands of parts and some of them are maintenance-sensitive and or have a limited lifespan. Depending on use, a mechanical component will sooner or later need to be replaced anyway, as prescribed in the maintenance schedule.

We have a repair department where certified mechanics ensure that not only the right parts are used, but that they are also professionally fitted and adjusted according to factory instructions.

Tailor-made damage repair and maintenance

You obviously take care of your property, but you cannot always prevent an inexperienced helmsman from unexpectedly damaging the super-tight skin of your Babro. Agreed, it hurts for a while, but our people are able to repair damage - from a small scratch in the paint system to a bent stainless steel pulpit - invisibly.

Of course, our professionals are also ready to replace outdated components or install additional equipment. Replacing the manually operated anchor winch with an electric one? Have the anodes been 'eaten up'? Do you want the old halogen lighting to make way for dimmable, energy-efficient LEDs? You name it. Whatever the work; everything is discussed and recorded with you in detail beforehand.

Our shipyard

Even if your boat was built at the time entirely to your specific requirements, over time the desire may arise to update the technology or adapt the layout to changed use

There comes a time when a yacht must be completely refitted -from hull to superstructure. This is a downright critical process that can only be successfully accomplished if the necessary conditions are met.

A yacht consists of hundreds if not thousands of parts and some of them are high-maintenance and or have a limited lifespan.